Bronco AGM 121Ah 12V

SKU: BRN-1001

Product Details

Product Features

  • Easy for transporting
  • Non-spillable
  • Suitable for shipping by Commercial Air Cargo and land with no restrictions.
  • Built to sustain our harsh Canadian winters
  • Will operate in -40C temperatures.
  • Accessories Included. Each battery includes free terminal covers, a handle and is completely boxed to ensure no hardware is lost during transport.

Battery Care
  • Active users charge daily; occasional users charge battery before any outing, after active use or every 90 days if no use.
  • Only use with a specified charger. Only use appropriate charger to charge AGM vs GEL batteries as charging rates differ.
  • Never use an automotive or wet type charger on an AGM/GEL battery.
  • Top Charge your battery frequently and/or leave on a charger/maintainer.
  • Charge the batteries at least once every six months

  • Batteries should always be stored fully charged in a cool and dry place to maintain maximum service life.
  • Depending on storage temperatures, batteries hold their charge for 3 to 9 months until recharge is necessary. Above 30C (86F), recharge at 9 months. Above 40C (104F), recharge at 3 months. Do not store above 40C (104F).
  • If a battery is stored for 9 months or longer without being charged, its service life may be shortened.
  • Never store batteries in a sealed environment or incorporate into a sealed structure/enclosure.

1 Year Warranty (from date of purchase) 

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