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Phocos CIS-N-10-1.1, C1D2, 12/24V, 10A, PWM

SKU: PHO-1002

Product Details

Phocos CIS-N-10-1.1 C1D2 12/24V 10A PWM Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller with Lighting Control

The CIS-N was especially developed to deliver optimum performance in industrial PV systems in demanding environments. It features 4-stage, series-switching PWM charge regulation and is fully programmable via infrared devices (CIS-CU or MXI-IR and CISCOM software).

The CIS-N includes convenient and advanced lighting control, which allows the user to decide whether they want the automatic lighting control with LED dimming to be time or low-voltage activated.

Product Features
  • Works in 12 or 24 V systems (auto recognition)
  • Fully programmable charge/discharge program via infrared (CIS-CU or MXI-IR and CISCOM software)
  • Timed and low-voltage dimming settings
  • Dimming interface for external LED drivers
  • Fully potted (IP68) aluminum housing
  • UL1741/Class I Div. 2 certified
  • Infrared-programmable load timing feature with dimming, ideal for lighting systems
  • Compatible with Lithium batteries (no BMS communication)
Optional Accessories
  • CIS-CU
    • Infrared remote control programming accessory
  • MXI-IR
    • Infrared to USB programming accessory and interface to CISCOM software

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