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Facet Mount STI-FACET Mounting System

SKU: SST-1003

Product Details

Sustainable Technologies' revolutionary STI-FACET is a high strength flat roof equipment mounting disc with 3/8th" bolt receiver. Made of durable cast Aluminum with white powder coating for protection.

It is designed for fast and flexible roof equipment mounting. Facet can be installed without voiding roof material warranty when paired with appropriate FACET flashing option. Uplift Resistance rating: more than 5000 lbs. Shear Resistance rating: more than 4000 lbs.

he Facet can be mounted vertically (on wall or roof parapet - pair with strut to mount inverters or other equipment) or horizontally (ideal option for ballast alternative or array parameter anchor). Does not include roof fasteners.

Product Features
  • Made from high-strength cast aluminum
  • Patented structural design results in incredible strength
  • Pull-out load = 12,777 lbs.
  • Shear load = 6,796 lbs.
  • Structural certification available for download
  • Simple installation
  • May be installed with the racking prior to adding fasteners into the roof deck
  • Precision layout is NOT REQUIRED, simply assemble the racking with Facets and after the racking is complete, add the deck screws.
  • Avoid the time and expense of completing a precise attachment layout
  • Installation instructions available
  • Perfect water seal
  • Designed to be installed without added sealant
  • The high-density silicone washer with acrylic adhesive prevents water migration
  • For freeze-thaw conditions, we recommend adding a small amount of approved roofing sealant

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