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LGC-RESU-16H-PRIME 16kWh 400V Lithium Battery

SKU: LGC-1102

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Product Details

The RESU16H Prime is a lithium-ion residential battery that supplies a total energy capacity of 16 kWh. The latest RESU16H Prime provides an all-new continuous power rating of 7 kW and a peak rating of 11 kW. This increased peak power enables homeowners to backup high-surge power appliance loads like air-conditioning units and pumps.

The 16 kWh battery features industry-leading continuous power, storage capacity, and DC round-trip efficiency (>90%). Stackable to 32 kWh of energy storage capacity, the RESU16H Prime can fully cover an average daily electricity use of a home.

Product Features
  • LG Chem RESU 16H 16kWh 400V Lithium Ion battery for safe and reliable residential energy storage.
  • Modular design allows RESU Prime to be divided into a battery control unit and two battery modules for easier transportation, handling, and installation.
  • Detachable Control Unit can be replaced on site, saving maintenance time and cost.
  • Real time battery status monitoring and early diagnosis available with RESU Monitor.
  • Requires additional storage management hardware.
  • Compatible with the SolarEdge StorEdge / Energy Hub residential inverters.
  • RESU Prime certification required for purchase.
  • D.G. UN3480 Class 9 Package group II

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