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Panasonic EVAC 105-4 11.4 kWh AC Coupled Standard Home Battery System

SKU: PAN-1001

Product Details

Panasonic EVAC 105-4 EverVolt 11.4 kWh AC Coupled Home Battery System.

Optimize your solar investment and create a more resilient energy future. With EverVolt you can store your excess solar power for when you need it most or sell your surplus energy back to your local utility.

  • Modular design with storage options from 11-102kWh to fit your needs
  • User friendly app to easily see your system’s performance
  • Multiple operating modes with master shutdown switch
  • Three main components for simple installation
  • 10-year Panasonic warranty

Maximize your solar investment
EverVolt turns your smart decision to go solar into a brilliant one. Enjoy instant emergency backup power and greater savings year after year. Quality solar panels generate more power than you can use in a day. If you don’t use it, why lose it? EverVolt stores your surplus solar energy for use when the power goes out or in the evenings when rates are highest.

Complete 10-year warranty by Panasonic
A long-term warranty is only as trustworthy as the company behind it. To assure you years of worry-free use, EverVolt is covered by a comprehensive 10-year Panasonic warranty against defects and workmanship, protecting your investment for the system’s lifespan.

Your 10-year warranty covers the entire system, including:
  • Panasonic Li-ion battery cells
  • AC-coupled & DC-coupled inverters
  • All internal components including, cables & wiring, connectors, switches, breakers
  • Cabinets & enclosures 

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