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  • Polar Racking Core Flex XL, 2x8 Portrait Fixed Ground Mount (modules 1030mm-1200mm Wide)

Polar Racking Core Flex XL, 2x8 Portrait Fixed Ground Mount (modules 1030mm-1200mm Wide)

SKU: PLR-1003

Product Details

2x8 Core Flex XL portrait 30 degree Fixed Dual Post Table Ground Mount; wide format (modules 1030mm-1200mm Wide)

Polar Racking CORE FLEX is the ideal turn-key solution for residential and small commercial solar power installations. It handles loads up to 50 psf of snow and 110 mph winds. The CORE FLEX is very robust, easy-to-assemble, and cost-effective, and comes with pre-stamped rack and foundation packages for all provinces in Canada.

Product Features
Reduced civil costs, faster installation time through high degree of adjustability 

  • Greater assembly tolerances
  • Top down clamps with high degree of adjustability

No wire management costs

  • East-West purlins with pre-punched holes for cable ties

Robust structure

  • Built with galvanized structural steel (G90)
  • High-quality components for easy site handling

10 year warranty
Fully engineered drawing packages for racking and foundation

  • Stamped structural and foundation drawings available for all provinces

Optimized for bifacial and thin film solar panels
Wind Tunnel Tested (CPP)

  • Engineered for the toughest wind and snow conditions

Rated to 10% Ground Slope East-West
Quick and Easy Installation

  • Lowest component count in the industry, resulting in the fastest installation time
  • Integrated bonding for panels with ETL certified components
  • Minimal number of posts per rack
  • No drilling of rack on site

Certifications & Third-Party Testing

  • Polar Racking’s ground-mount products have been tested as per UL 2703 standards for the USA and Canada. All products have been wind tunnel tested. Individual component finite element analysis and mechanical load testing have been completed by third-party labs, which are available upon request.


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