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SMA Sunny Boy Storage SBS-ABU-200-US-10 Automatic Backup Unit

SKU: SMA-1201

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Product Details

SMA SBS-ABU-200-US-10 Automatic Backup Unit, 200A, includes Auto-Transfer switch, Energy Meter, system controller, and pre-wired breakers

While alternative backup systems offer merely a transfer switch and require additional hardware purchases, the new SMA Automatic Backup Unit (ABU) is a truly integrated solution for whole home backup power. The ABU consists of several components. The first is a 200 Amp rated contactor, which automatically disconnects the home energy system from grid power during a power outage. The integrated autotransformer balances up to 5 kVA of imbalance across phases, reducing the potential for system interruption during backup mode operation due to imbalanced loads within the home. The solution also includes built-in energy consumption metering with pre-installed current transformers, eliminating the need for additional hardware and labor. Two 50 Amp breakers are included for landing PV and energy storage inverter output, which also reduces hardware needs. Finally, the ABU features an SMA backup controller, which manages and stabilizes the microgrid by monitoring solar generation, load consumption, and battery state-of-charge.



  • Suitable for many use cases including whole home backup 
  • Up to three high-voltage batteries can be connected in parallel to a single Sunny Boy Storage


  • 200 Amp rated bus allows for direct line-side connection to large home electrical panels 
  • Up to 5 kVA of unbalanced load 
  • Outdoor rated for harsh environments

Simple Installation

  • Pre-wired and tested to make for easy commissioning 
  • Plug-n-play installation with Sunny Boy Storage inverter 
  • Easy setup and commissioning via Sunny Boy Storage webUI


  • AC coupled architecture allows for new PV or retrofit installations 
  • Fully integrated solution reduces balance of system costs

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