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SolarEdge S1200 Optimizer 1200W, 125V, MC4, 1000VDC

SKU: SLR-1119

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Product Details

PV power optimization at the module level 

Power Optimizer for 72 cell modules, up to 125V, 8.8A, MC4 1000VDC cUL, Output 5.3m, Input 1.6m - Commercial Inverters only - 208/480V 


S1200: for ground mount and carport applications


Featuring a new, patented SolarEdge Sense Connect technology, the S-Series Power Optimizer is designed to detect and react to temperature change, minimizing downtime and maximizing safety of people & assets. Sense Connect constantly monitors Power Optimizers’ connectors, identifying improper connections and possible malfunctions from connector wear and tear for arc risks prevention. This is an extra layer of protection in addition to our industry-leading built-in AFCI technology. 

Product Benefits

  • High efficiency (99.5%) with module-level MPPT, for maximized system energy production and revenue, and fast project ROI
  • Supports high power and bifacial PV modules, and high string current for more power per string.
  • Designed to automatically reduce high DC voltage to touch-safe levels, upon grid/inverter shutdown, with SafeDC™
  • Includes SolarEdge Sense Connect, allowing continuous monitoring to detect overheating due to installation issues or connector-level wear and tear
  • Flexible system design enables maximum space utilization and up to 2x longer string lengths, 50% less cables, fuses and combiner boxes
  • Supports connection of two PV modules in series with easy cable management and fast installation times
  • Module-level system monitoring enabling pinpointed fault detection and remote, time-saving troubleshooting
  • Meets NEC requirements for arc fault protection (AFCI) and Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown System (PVRSS)

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