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Solis S2-WL-ST (4 Pin) Data Logging Stick

SKU: SLS-3005

Product Details

S2-WL-ST Plugin WIFI/LAN Stick, 10 inverters, 4-Pin Connection

2 year Standard Warranty

Solis' new generation of communication tools now can be ordered with either touch-safe, plug-and-play 4-Pin connectors or with standard USB connectors. Applicable to areas covered by a Wifi network or where a hardwire connection to the router is preferred, the new Solis Wifi-LAN "sticks" ensure data collection is faster and more reliable. These unique communication tools remotely transmit PV plant operation data to the SolisCloud monitoring system in real time.  Connected to the SolisCloud, system operators can conduct accurate and comprehensive data analysis with early warning fault processing.  Owner / operators can issue control commands to inverters to achieve stable, reliable and intelligent PV plant O&M services.

Product Features
  • Support WiFi and LAN communication
  • Plug and play, quick installation
  • Fault alarm, real-time monitoring
  • Status indicator, easy to display working status
  • RESET button, one key to send data, convenient debugging
  • Support Bluetooth nearby connection and debugging
  • One-key assignment of inverter address, efficient and labor-saving


Product Documents


Sorry, there is no warranty currently available, please contact your rep for more information.