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Solis S3-WIFI-ST Data Logging Stick

SKU: SLS-3003

Product Details

S3-WIFI-ST Plugin WiFi Stick, 10 inverters, 4 Pin Connection - 2 year Standard Warranty

The new Solis S3 Wi-Fi devices are IP65 (NEMA 4X) rated, are supplied with a touch-safe 4-Pin connector and are connected to Solis US inverters via a plug-and-play external port.  Installers will scan the Wi-Fi device QR code and can register the system on SolisCloud. The latest ST Wi-Fi device can broadcast data from as many as ten Solis US inverters, saving installers time and money. SolisCloud monitoring and Solis US Wi-Fi equipment enable site operators to perform comprehensive fault / data analysis, remotely control the inverter and realize stable, cost-effective performance of their solar asset.

Product Features
  • Fault alarm, real-time monitoring
  • Plug and play, convenient and fast
  • Status indicator, easy to display working status
  • RESET button, one key to send data, convenient debugging

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