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Morningstar Tristar TS-M-2 Digital Meter

SKU: MOR-4000

Product Details

Tri-Star Meter-2 TS-M-2 attaches to faceplate

The Morningstar TriStar Meter-2™ (TS-M-2), TriStar Meter-2-600V™ (TS-M-2-600V) and the TriStar Remote Meter-2™ (TS-RM-2) are advanced digital meters. They are nearly identical except that the TS-M-2 and TS-M-2-600V are mounted on the controller and the TS-RM-2 is flush mounted up to 30 meters away from the controller. The TriStar meters are 2 x 16 character LCD’s that display system and controller information, logged data, bar graph metering, alarms and faults for easy troubleshooting. In multi-controller systems, these are networkable using Morningstar’s MeterHub to allow individual controller data and aggregate system data to be displayed together on a single meter.

Manufacturer Part Number: TS-M-2
Shipping Weight: 0.5 lb
Shipping dimensions: 4.56 x 4.56 x 2 in


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